Where to start

if you’re thinking of starting a construction project but don’t know what the possibilities are or what steps would be involved in your project a construction consultation might be just the thing to help you clarify the options and process.

Construction Process Consulting

We’ve been managing construction projects for a lot of years and we’re happy to share our knowledge, resources and contacts with you. We’re happy to manage your project, help empower you to manage your own construction project or to act as an outside consultant if the project is being managed by another contractor.

Reuse & resource management

The materials we use, where they come from and how they’re manufactured are all important to us.  If you need help sourcing materials, figuring out how to reuse materials or are trying to maximising the reused materials on your project our expertise  could be useful to you.


If you want to build something yourself, be it a woodworking project or a house we can help you develop a step by step plan that matches your abilities, tools and the materials that you feel comfortable working with.