Design for home remodel

 Home Remodeling projects are where we have the most experience. Being involved in the building process on many of our designs has helped us develop a keen awareness of the practical implications of all the pretty little details that get dreamed up in the design process. This awareness helps us design pretty things that also make sense to build and maintain.

What quality home design means to us

Quality design:

  • Looks good
  • Makes sense to build
  • Lasts a long time
  • Is low maintenance
  • Feels good
  • Considers our natural resources as precious
  • Is able to be repaired
  • Can be adaptable to change, (because this is life! it’s going to change!)

3D Renderings

3D renderings are perfect for developing a simple overview of a project or creating detailed production drawings for sub-contractors, or custom fabricators. Most of our design work involves the use of 3D modeling software to give our clients and builders the clearest possible representation of the project at hand.

2D Floor plans

A 2d floor plan is often all that’s needed to get pricing and permitting for your project. If a simple floorplan is all you need we’re well equipped and happy to help.