Storage Bed Designs


Storage Beds

Designers Note: I originally designed this bed for my own bedroom. I live in a 1906 classic Portland home which means that there’s very little closet space so extra storage is very useful. Also I feel that there are not enough options for durable furnishings for people with low income, so I wanted the designs to be accessible to  people who want/need to be able to build their own furniture. If you’re a DIY’er interested in building your own bed you can follow the links on my design blog “The Portland Tradesmen” to download the 3d Model files. In the future PDF plans will be available also.

Design Criteria:

Utilize as much of the space below the bed as possible.

Be able to be built using basic carpentry skills.

Use as little materials as possible.

Be easy to deconstruct without damaging the materials so that the materials can be repurposed.

Be made of commonly available materials.

Be  easy to disassemble and move.


Storage Bed Design Renderings:

Art By: Winter Trip

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