Our design focused build team has the tenacity, creativity and attention to detail to solve the many challenges inherent to the remodeling process. We care about our clients and we stick to our prices! We like looking like rock stars so if your project doesn’t fit our talents or timing we’ll let you know.

Most of our projects are designed by our team, however we’re happy to submit a bid on the construction only. What we need to provide an accurate price is: a design plan, architectural drawings or a detailed scope of work. If you don’t have a well defined plan, drawings or scope of work we would be happy to help you in this area as well! For more about our design services see our design page.

Many companies forbid you to use their designs if you hire another contractor. We feel strongly that once you’ve paid us for our professional design services the product should be yours to do with as you wish. ¬†Once we’ve developed information necessary to provide a price for a project you’re welcome to take that information to other contractors for a comparison.