Build plans

Whether you’re planning a project to build yourself or you need to communicate your specifications to someone else there’s no clearer way than a 3D representation. Below are a few examples our build plans.


simple cab 2.0




simple cab 2.0 drawer face











Above is an exploded view of the components for a drawer box and a zoomed in view of the details for the drawer face. We can provide build plans with any level of detail needed for your project.


Stair side by side

Projects with complex details like the stairs above can be built more efficient and accurately with detailed drawings.


Stairs 3 details

All of the dimensions and angles that can be difficult to find onsite can be laid out in our 3D modeling software.


All plans can be provided in digital or printed format. If you happen to be a 3D modeler we’re happy to pass along the files for your project as well.